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Beijing Worldwide Movie Competition

The Beijing International Film Festival has been organized since 2011 and is a major film event in China. It is an international film festival that promotes China’s culture and talents to the world. Today, the festival has grown into a major international event on Chinese soil and attracts the attention of film professionals, journalists and film lovers around the world. In addition, this year it will last five days, in the center of Beijing, including a variety of competition programs, film screenings and seminars for film students and professionals. Jury members of this year’s BIFF’s 13th Tiandan Award, led by famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou as the jury president, appeared at the opening ceremony. The organizer said 1,488 films from 93 countries and regions had applied for the competition this year. Among them, 15 films were selected to compete for the Tiandan Award. Ten awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Artistic Contribution, Best Actor and Best Actress, will be announced at the closing ceremony on April 29. Various activities such as international film screenings and forums will be held during the festival. Launched in 2011, BIFF aims to enhance exchanges between global industry experts. It has attracted increasing…

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In quest of humanity: Aisha is important viewing

Aisha, written and directed by the Irish writer Frank Berry, is a transfixing reflection on the plight of asylum seekers who face the icy realities of bureaucracy at every turn. The narrative focuses on Aisha, a young Nigerian woman, played by Letiti..

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A blast from the pastoral: revisiting Britain’s rural traditions

Britain’s rural traditions hold an intriguing position in the nation’s soul. They also form its dark heart and its battlegrounds, from pagan rituals to raves and fox hunting. All of this turbulence and beauty is captured in the extraordinary collage ..

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India streams away from Bollywood

For many, it was the last throw of the dice for Bollywood cinema, as one of India’s most iconic cultural exports is enduring an unprecedented crisis. This year, 20 out of the 26 major Bollywood releases have flopped – defined as losing half or more o..

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Play-Doc presents VENTURA, a platform to help develop duties from across the globe – Commerce / Market – Spain

INDUSTRY / MARKET Spain by Cristóbal Soage 07/10/2022 - The initiative aims to turn Galicia into a creative hub for international, independent projects with a strong artistic vision The Enfoques Cultural Association, responsible for or..

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Sitges FanPitch: 12 very good initiatives looking for a producer – Enterprise / Market – Sitges 2022

07/10/2022 - The festival announces its international pitching event with a focus on science fiction, fantasy and horror feature films and series, which will take place on 10 and 13 October Director Velasco Broca, who is pitching his project El futur..

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Six Danish studios title for compromise to convey Denmark’s streaming catastrophe to an end; Viaplay seals short-term settlement with Create Denmark – Enterprise / Market – Denmark

07/10/2022 - Cineuropa spoke to producer Peter Bose, one of the signatories of the open letter urging the parties to find a solution, and Roberta Alenius, of Viaplay Producer Peter Bose (© News Øresund/Sofie Paisley), of Miso Film, and Roberta Aleniu..

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The Queen of Europe: The ache and glory of Charlotte Rampling

When you think of the great European actresses, the mind tends to drift to the great sirens of Italy such as Sophie Loren or Claudia Cardinale, or the femmes of French cinema, such as Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche and the younger generation of ..

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Jean-Luc Godard modified movie eternally

And, of course, quite often that’s literally what they’re doing as characters break the fourth wall and stare at you down the lens, challenging you, flirting with you, seducing you, making you and you alone complicit in their adventures and thoughts...

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Invoice Murray’s French Connection

It’s 1984 and you are Bill Murray (just go with it). You’re already a comedy icon who has made the successful transition from live performer with The Second City improv troupe in Chicago to TV with Saturday Night Live, to hit movies like Caddyshack a..

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Gauri Khan shares ‘lovely observe’ on Shah Rukh Khan’s 30 years at films

Gauri Khan has penned a sweet note for Shah Rukh Khan as he completed 30 years in the film industry. Shah Rukh debuted with director Raj Kanwar's 1992 film Deewana. Gauri Khan celebrates 30 years of Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood. Published on Jun ..

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BBC apologises after ‘Manchester United are rubbish’ appears on screen

This video can not be played To play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.The BBC has apologised after a message appeared on the news channel saying "Manchester United are rubbish". The text mistakenly popped up on the news ticker..

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