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Covid infections falling in England and Wales, says ONS

Getty ImagesCovid infections have fallen in England and Wales, according to the Office for National Statistics. The ONS figures show levels have increased in Northern Ireland and the trend is uncertain in Scotland. Overall about 1.9 million people h..

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‘Distressing’ 999 wait highlights South West Ambulance delays

By Matthew HillBBC West health correspondentSouth West Ambulance has the longest waits in the country for people to get through to the operator. It takes almost a minute on average for ambulance control to answer 999 calls compared with just five sec..

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Poorer areas in England endure most from GP scarcity, research finds

By Sean Clare and David GrossmanBBC NewsThe gap between the number of GPs per patient in richer and poorer parts of England is widening, according to analysis by University of Cambridge. The study for BBC Newsnight saw "stark inequalities" in GPs..

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Poll dates for ambulance strike vote revealed

Yorkshire Ambulance ServiceThe date thousands of ambulance workers can begin to vote on whether to take strike action has been announced. The GMB union said a ballot will open on 24 October for ambulance staff at 11 trusts across England and Wales. M..

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Covid circumstances rise as one in 37 has virus in UK

Getty ImagesBy Smitha MundasadHealth reporter The latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest one in 37 people in the UK has coronavirus, a rise from one in 50 the week before. Experts warn of a "notable rise" in older peop..

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Covid safety could also be boosted by genes, examine exhibits

Getty ImagesBy Smitha MundasadHealth reporter Some people with "lucky genes" or certain DNA may get extra strong protection after Covid jabs, say scientists from University of Oxford. The researchers found people with a version of a gene called HLA-D..

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Contaminated blood transfusions killed 1,820 in UK, research estimates

Getty ImagesAn estimated 1,820 people died in the UK after being given contaminated blood transfusions between 1970 and 1991, a report has found. The authors calculated that 26,800 people - possibly more - were probably infected with hepatitis C afte..

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US abortion bans depart gray areas for classy pregnancies

Getty ImagesMoments after unveiling a bill that would ban all abortions in the United States at 15 weeks, US Senator Lindsey Graham was interrupted by a mother with a devastating story. "I did everything right and at 16 weeks we found out that our so..

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Larger breakfasts higher for controlling urge for food, examine suggests

Getty ImagesEating a big breakfast and a smaller dinner could aid weight loss by making you feel less hungry, say researchers. Scientists precisely controlled people's meals to compare the impact of a large breakfast or a large dinner. The Univ..

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Moderna suing Pfizer over Covid vaccine expertise

Getty ImagesModerna said it is suing Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech for patent infringement linked to the development of the first Covid-19 vaccines. The US biotech company is alleging that mRNA technology it developed before the pandemic was..

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Covid infections hold falling in August throughout UK

Getty ImagesCovid infection levels have continued to fall across the UK in mid-August, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). One in 45 people tested positive, with Covid rates lowest in school-age children. The ONS says it will "clos..

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Artificial mouse embryo develops beating coronary heart

Amadei and HandfordScientists in Cambridge have created synthetic mouse embryos in a lab, without using eggs or sperm, which show evidence of a brain and beating heart. The mouse embryos, developed using stem cells, only lasted for eight days. But t..

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