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The first Xiaomi MS11 car

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech company known for its smartphones, is preparing to debut its first car in 2024. The car, called the MS11, will feature advanced chips and technologies that will make it one of the most advanced cars on the market. The MS11 will be powered by a chip designed by Xiaomi and based on a platform developed by Qualcomm. The chip will include a number of advanced technologies, including a neural network, an artificial intelligence system and an autonomous driving system. The MS11 will also be equipped with a host of advanced technologies, including a 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 12-speaker audio system and a 4-zone climate control system. Xiaomi hasn’t revealed the MS11’s pricing yet, but it’s expected to be one of the most expensive cars on the market. However, the MS11 is expected to be one of the most advanced cars on the market and will certainly be one of the most popular. Apart from the advanced technologies, the MS11 will also feature a modern and stylish design. The car will have an aerodynamic body and will have a number of features that will make it stand out from other cars in the market. The MS11…

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Source of traffics and views for articles | Guest post

Everyone needs to know about it! Are you looking for a platform to get traffic to your blog? Still, searching for a website where you can share your photography talent for free and get views? If you are a news lover then, you are at the right place to get the daily update about what is happening around the world? If you are a music and entertainment lover you can get all categories of entertainment and music for free. The features mentioned above are the least feature of the Artmotion magazine. Source of traffics and views for free articles Article submission is amongst the most successful off-page SEO methods. By submitting free articles, you may increase the number of visitors to your website. The main goal of submitting an article is to generate a large number of people to your website without using Google AdWords or paid advertisements. One of the main advantages of this website is that if you are a blogger and want to get organic traffics. You can get lots of views and have a chance to rank his/her website in a short time by free posting the articles. You can post free articles and share your…

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Big Internet directory listing

Looking for an new Internet directory listing ? With billions of websites online today, there is a wealth of information on the Internet. Search engines make it easy to find this information. Artmotion is one of the best search engines in this 21st era. You can find any information using this search engine.   You can Submit your site to search engine using this search engine submission service. If you wonder how to promote your website, all you have to do is submit your site to search engine using Artmotion’s submission service.   Advantages of the search engine? Organizing Internet search engines help organize the Internet and individual web pages. Search engines help organize the vast amount of information that can sometimes be scattered in various places on the same web page into an organized list that can be more easily used.   Why Artmotion? ArtmotionBot is our web spider’s robot for the Artmotion web search engine. They never let spider surf the Internet uncontrolled to give us results, and we prefer to specify the site you are going to visit. So it is up to your decisions on what exactly to index.   Artmotion’s search engine does not borrow…

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Tech layoffs: Yahoo to slash 20% of its workforce

Getty ImagesYahoo plans to lay off more than 20% of its total 8,600 workforce as part of a major restructuring. The veteran tech company is reorganising its advertising unit, which will lose more than half of the department by the end of the year. N..

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Hogwarts Legacy recreation comes out as on-line debate continues

WB GAMESBy Steffan PowellGaming reporterHogwarts Legacy, a major video game adaptation of the wizarding world created by JK Rowling, has arrived, following a fierce online debate. An open world adventure title like this has been at the top of some Ha..

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Watchdog warns guidelines not maintaining with surveillance tech

Getty ImagesBy Chris VallanceTechnology reporterMonitoring of high-tech surveillance systems is not keeping up with technology, a watchdog has told BBC News. Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner Prof Fraser Sampson also warned of an urgent..

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ChatGPT: Cybercriminals salivate over world-beating AI chatbot

Issued on: 13/01/2023 - 15:55 Cybersecurity companies are sounding the alarm over OpenAI's chatbot ChatGPT, saying it's making it easier than ever for budding criminals to write malware and create phishing attacks. A report by cybersecuri..

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‘Merry Christmas’: 30 years of the textual content message

Ben woodBy Zoe KleinmanTechnology editorThe text message is celebrating its 30th birthday - the first was sent to a mobile phone by a Vodafone engineer in Berkshire in the UK on 3 December 1992. It was sent in order to test out the tech, and read "Me..

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Air Pressure unveils B-21 Raider stealth bomber

The U.S. military will unveil the U.S. Air Forceunv B-21 Raider on Friday in Palmdale, California. The B-21 Raider is the first new American bomber aircraft in more than three decades and almost every aspect of the program is classified, with artist..

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No extra airplane mode? EU to permit calls on flights

Getty ImagesAirline passengers in the European Union (EU) will soon be able to use their phones to full effect in the sky. The European Commission ruled airlines can provide 5G technology on board planes, alongside slower mobile data. This could mean..

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‘5G makes my telephone fairly nugatory’

Getty ImagesBy Zoe KleinmanTechnology editorIn a weird way, a rock gig first led me to question the UK's 5G provision. I was at a sold-out concert at London's O2 arena, had 5G reception on my phone but was unable to share the moment on soci..

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Main password supervisor suffers one other safety breach

Password manager LastPass announced Wednesday it had suffered its second data breach in three months. CEO Karim Toubba said the company recently detected unusual activity within a third-party cloud storage service that is shared by LastPass and affil..

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