ChatGPT: Cybercriminals salivate over world-beating AI chatbot

Issued on: 13/01/2023 - 15:55 Cybersecurity companies are sounding the alarm over OpenAI's chatbot ChatGPT, saying it's making it easier than ever for budding criminals to write malware and create phishing attacks. A report by cybersecuri..

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‘Merry Christmas’: 30 years of the textual content message

Ben woodBy Zoe KleinmanTechnology editorThe text message is celebrating its 30th birthday - the first was sent to a mobile phone by a Vodafone engineer in Berkshire in the UK on 3 December 1992. It was sent in order to test out the tech, and read "Me..

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No extra airplane mode? EU to permit calls on flights

Getty ImagesAirline passengers in the European Union (EU) will soon be able to use their phones to full effect in the sky. The European Commission ruled airlines can provide 5G technology on board planes, alongside slower mobile data. This could mean..

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‘5G makes my telephone fairly nugatory’

Getty ImagesBy Zoe KleinmanTechnology editorIn a weird way, a rock gig first led me to question the UK's 5G provision. I was at a sold-out concert at London's O2 arena, had 5G reception on my phone but was unable to share the moment on soci..

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May the US limit vitality exports amid the worldwide disaster?

Issued on: 21/10/2022 - 14:59 The global energy crisis is weighing on households and businesses around the world. The US is more insulated from the high prices because it's a net exporter of energy, and American producers have boosted shipment..

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‘Extreme financial slowdown’ awaits Europe as power crunch bites

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published a gloomy economic forecast for 2023 on September 26 – suggesting that Europe faces a very difficult economic climate if the current energy crisis worsens, with winter tempera..

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Why the folding cellphone revolution has a approach to go

This time last year I had just become the proud new owner of a folding phone - the Samsung Galaxy Flip3. For the uninitiated, this is a handset about the size of an average smartphone, which folds in half. I told everybody who would listen that it w..

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Getty has pulled out of a sponsorship deal with Uefa for the Champions League, the BBC understands. The agreement, worth £428m over five seasons, is said to have fallen through at the "last moment", amid concerns about increased cryp..

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Harmful e-bike chargers discovered on Amazon and eBay

Getty ImagesDangerous e-bike chargers were found on sale on Amazon and eBay, according to consumer safety charity Electrical Safety First (ESF). The charity said online shopping sites and AliExpress were also selling the chargers, which can ..

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Instagram says exact location isn’t shared

Getty ImagesInstagram says viral claims suggesting location tags on content can reveal users' exact locations are false. Viral posts and videos have said a "precise location" toggle in app location settings on iOS and Android devices could share..

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Twitter and Meta take down pro-US propaganda marketing campaign

Graphika/Stanford UniversityTwitter and Meta have removed from their platforms an online propaganda campaign aimed at promoting US interests abroad, researchers say. This is the first major covert pro-US propaganda operation taken down by the tech gi..

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Nato investigates hacker sale of missile agency knowledge

MBDA Missile SystemsNato is assessing the impact of a data breach of classified military documents being sold by a hacker group online. The data includes blueprints of weapons being used by Nato allies in the Ukraine war. Criminal hackers are selling..

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