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Sunak empties von der Leyen on Britain’s return to the EU

Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, appears to dismiss any possibility of the UK rejoining the European Union, despite statements made by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who referred to Brexit as a ‘blunder’ that needs rectification. Reportedly, von der Leyen addressed this matter at a Brussels event on Tuesday night (28/11), indicating that the prospect of the United Kingdom returning to the EU rests with the next generation. “I keep telling my kids: You have to fix this. We messed it up, you have to fix it,” she remarked, labeling Brexit as a “blunder of the past.” In response, Sunak’s official spokesperson swiftly emphasized that, “according to the British Prime Minister, Brexit is not under threat.” They further elaborated, highlighting the advantages gained from Brexit, focusing on strengthening immigration policies, expediting access to medications for patients, and enhancing the overall quality of life for citizens. The spokesperson added, “We have a prime minister who passionately supported Brexit before taking office, and now our focus is on ensuring its success.” Although polls reflect a majority of British citizens in favor of rejoining the EU, both the Labour and Conservative parties do not seem inclined to…

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In Europe the Storm Ciaran

In France and Britain, records of rain and wind speeds are being shattered as Storm Ciaran wreaks havoc. Spain is also bracing for problems, with heavy rain and strong winds causing widespread issues and disasters in these countries, breaking water level records. The UK’s Met Office has issued a yellow warning for expected heavy rains, indicating the potential for flooding on roads, damage to homes and businesses, and isolated communities due to high water levels. In France, the meteorological institute has issued orange and red alerts in numerous areas, including Corsica, signifying the severity of the storm. Wind speeds exceeding 160 kilometers per hour have been reported in parts of Britain, leading to evacuations and significant damage. Alarming footage from the BBC captures the moment Storm Ciaran’s gusts blow open a bedroom window next to a sleeping mother and her baby’s cot, creating a frightening experience, especially in the dead of night. Both Britain and France remain on high alert, resulting in the cancellation of numerous flights and train routes. Authorities are closely monitoring the storm’s course, prepared to assess its impact on transportation services. British residents have been advised to charge their mobile phones, keep flashlights, warm clothes, and…

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EU Summit, Immigration Disputes

During the informal EU leaders’ meeting in Granada, the populist leaders of Poland and Hungary vehemently opposed the proposed immigration system reform, even though they couldn’t prevent the agreement reached in Brussels two days prior regarding immigration crisis management. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, known for his anti-Brussels stance, went as far as likening the situation to “rape,” emphasizing the impossibility of compromise when one is forced into something they vehemently oppose. “We are not intimidated by directives from Brussels and Berlin,” asserted Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, reaffirming his country’s refusal to accept an “illegal immigrant settlement” system, just days before Poland’s parliamentary elections. These two nations expressed their disagreement by blocking the joint declaration on immigration at the informal meeting, a symbolic move underscoring their dissent. Migration, a contentious issue among the EU member states, was a focal point due to the recent influx of migrants in Lampedusa, prompting Italy to stress the urgent need for a unified European response. An increase in arrivals was also noted in the Spanish Canary Islands. EU countries’ permanent ambassadors recently agreed on a regulation outlining mandatory solidarity between member states in the event of an “emergency situation” arising from massive migrant…

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Wilko stores plan to close in October, laying off 9,100 workers

The management of UK home goods retailer Wilko has announced the closure of all its stores, resulting in a further 9,100 redundancies. The management company PwC announced that the stores will close in October. “Despite extensive efforts, it has become clear that no part of the Wilko business can be saved,” he added. UK discount retailer Wilko has filed for bankruptcy, putting 12,000 jobs at risk, the company announced today. “We have done everything possible to preserve this great business, but unfortunately we have to accept that we have no choice but to file for creditor protection,” Wilko chief executive Mark Jackson said. The British chain has 400 stores in the UK. The retailer, which covers a range of products from hardware to cleaning products and toys, has around 400 stores across Britain and has an annual turnover of £1.2 billion. Wilko, which started in 1930 with a single store in Leicester, central England, is the first major casualty of the retail trade due to the problems facing the British economy, which from December 2021 has been hit by 14 consecutive interest rate hikes. MagNews in UK

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UK overseas assist being spent in Britain passes £4bn mark, specialists say

PA MediaBy James LandaleDiplomatic correspondentThe government is now spending more of the UK's foreign aid budget at home than on direct help for poor countries overseas, development experts say. More than £4bn meant for development aid will b..

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Concern over flu and winter viruses however Covid ranges unchanged

Getty ImagesCovid infections remain fairly stable across the UK, but other viruses such as flu, norovirus and RSV are increasing, latest data shows. The flu season has started early and some children under five are ending up in hospital, health offic..

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‘Devious’ killer who decapitated buddy should serve 34 years

Met PoliceA woman who murdered and decapitated her friend before putting her in a suitcase and dumping the body has been sentenced to life in jail. Jemma Mitchell will serve at least 34 years for killing 67-year-old Mee Kuen Chong at her London home ..

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British PM booed by crowd (VIDEO)

Boris Johnson was met with a mixed reaction as he arrived for the Queen’s Jubilee service British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was met with a mixed reaction from the crowd gathered for the second day of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration as he..

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Sue Grey report: ‘I want I would taken a nice to be with my dying husband’

Supplied"I wish I hadn't followed the rules, I'd have taken the fine," Sara said, adding she would have given anything to spend more time with her dying husband. She told BBC Radio 5 Live she followed the rules because she thought the gover..

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Sue Grey report: Drunken No 10 social gathering tradition in lockdown laid naked

This video can not be played To play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.Staff partied in Downing Street while the rest of the UK was in lockdown with the approval of their bosses, according to Sue Gray's report. The senior ..

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Sue Grey halted inquiry into social gathering at Boris Johnson’s flat

Getty ImagesThe senior official investigating lockdown parties in Downing Street said she was only able to collect "limited" evidence about an event in the prime minister's flat. Sue Gray's report said she stopped her inquiry into the gathe..

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Trooping the Colour: Spectators injured at rehearsal

@drelrond123Five people were injured, two seriously, when parts of two spectator stands collapsed at a Trooping the Colour rehearsal at Horse Guards Parade in central London. The Army said one stand gave way just before 11:00 BST and part of a second..

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