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Pacific island of Tetiꞌaroa invaded by plastic waste

Issued on: 08/11/2021 - 17:07 Tetiꞌaroa, an almost deserted Pacific island northeast of Tahiti, is a sanctuary for birds, sea turtles and all sorts of marine life. The atoll is perhaps most famous for being bought by US actor Marlon Brando. But this picturesque French Polynesian island is being invaded by plastic waste washed ashore by ocean tide..

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Russia Slaps Google With New Fine For Violating Internet Law

A Russian court has ordered Google to pay 2 million rubles ($28,085) for violating the country's rules on banned content. In recent months, Russian courts have ordered Google to pay fines totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to delete banned content on its search engine and YouTube. Courts have also fined Facebook, Twitter, Wh..

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Czech Government To ‘Review’ Relations With Russia

Five Czech parties have signed a power-sharing deal to form a coalition government following the country's parliamentary elections last month, vowing to anchor foreign policy to the European Union and NATO, while putting relations with Russia and China "under review." Petr Fiala, 57, of the Civic Democratic Party is slated to be the next prim..

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It’s up to Washington to rescue rock bottom relations with Russia, Moscow insists after US envoy visit

Moscow has said that a visa crisis hampering travel between the US and Russia can be fixed, but only if the American side is ready to make concessions and restore the functions of its consulates across the world’s largest country. In a statement issued on Monday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said there were hopes to rescue struggli..

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Afghanistan’s health system on the brink as Taliban confront a difficult winter

Issued on: 08/11/2021 - 11:17 Health facilities in parts of Afghanistan have shut down and in the capital, Kabul, hospitals are functioning without electricity or water supply as the country suffers a humanitarian crisis following the Taliban takeover and suspension of international aid. FRANCE 24 reports from Kabul. A nurse at the Wazir Moham..

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Russian ‘shaman’ detained by cops after pledge to ‘save humanity from satanist pedophiles’

A man from Russia’s remote Far East purporting to be a traditional spiritual leader has been detained by authorities after blogging his colossal journey across Siberia on foot as part of a self-declared mission to save the world. On Sunday, law enforcement officials in the Urals city of Ekaterinburg confirmed to local media that Nikolay Dylykov, w..

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China’s ruling party plenary to tighten President Xi’s grip on power

Issued on: 08/11/2021 - 01:52 Chinese President Xi Jinping, the uncontested leader of the world's most populous nation, heads a pivotal plenary of the ruling party's top figures next week that will set the tone for his bid for long-term rule. From Monday to Thursday, some 400 members of the Communist Party's all-powerful Central..

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Ukraine dismisses US media reports about alleged Russian ‘military buildup’ on border

The Ukrainian government has no data confirming any reported buildup of Russian forces on the nation’s borders, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s spokesman said on Sunday, likening the speculation from Western media to propaganda. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry does not confirm any of these allegations, the president’s spokesman, Sergey Nikiforov, to..

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Libyan premier to run for president amid growing election turmoil

Issued on: 07/11/2021 - 21:08 The head of Libya's national unity government plans to run for president next month, according to a senior official, an apparent breach of a pledge to remain neutral when he took office in March under a U.N.-backed peace process. Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah has become popular with big public spending programmes aft..

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Sudan security forces fire tear gas at protesters during 2-day anti-coup campaign

Issued on: 07/11/2021 - 16:47 Sudanese security forces on Sunday fired tear gas at multiple anti-coup rallies, with protesters in several cities joining a call for two-days of civil disobedience against last month's military takeover. Hundreds of anti-coup protesters rallied in the capital Khartoum, as well as in its twin city of Omdurman..

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Chennai comes to a standstill as heavy rains flood city

MUMBAI: India's manufacturing capital Chennai came to a standstill on Sunday (Nov 7) with many areas flooded after the southern Indian coast was battered by heavy rainfall overnight, prompting authorities to issue warnings and evacuate people from low-lying areas. Local media showed footage of cars submerged under water, uprooted trees and peo..

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China has ‘long way to go’ to meet ecological goals: State Council

China aims to bring the proportion of good water quality in its coastal regions up to 79 per cent, to basically eliminate heavy polluted weather, to effectively control soil pollution risks and to significantly enhance the capability of treating solid waste and new pollutants, the council said. The government also vowed to cut the amount of volatil..

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