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In Europe the Storm Ciaran

In France and Britain, records of rain and wind speeds are being shattered as Storm Ciaran wreaks havoc. Spain is also bracing for problems, with heavy rain and strong winds causing widespread issues and disasters in these countries, breaking water level records.

The UK’s Met Office has issued a yellow warning for expected heavy rains, indicating the potential for flooding on roads, damage to homes and businesses, and isolated communities due to high water levels. In France, the meteorological institute has issued orange and red alerts in numerous areas, including Corsica, signifying the severity of the storm.

Wind speeds exceeding 160 kilometers per hour have been reported in parts of Britain, leading to evacuations and significant damage. Alarming footage from the BBC captures the moment Storm Ciaran’s gusts blow open a bedroom window next to a sleeping mother and her baby’s cot, creating a frightening experience, especially in the dead of night.

Both Britain and France remain on high alert, resulting in the cancellation of numerous flights and train routes. Authorities are closely monitoring the storm’s course, prepared to assess its impact on transportation services. British residents have been advised to charge their mobile phones, keep flashlights, warm clothes, and blankets handy, and take necessary precautions in case of power outages.

The situation in Britain is dire, with 20,000 homes and businesses left without power. The Energy Networks Association reported reconnecting 107,000 consumers amid extremely challenging weather conditions. In France, Storm Ciaran claimed a life, left 1.2 million households without power, and caused injuries and road closures, emphasizing the need for residents to stay home for safety. Transport Minister Clement Bonn shared the tragic news of a truck driver’s death in the Ain department due to a falling tree.

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