Mikkel B Sandemose’s Valemon: The Polar Bear King to be pitched at Cartoon Movie – Production / Funding – Norway/Belgium

– The animated flick, boarded by TrustNordisk, has been described as “a grand, heart-warming and witty story based on one of Scandinavia’s most beloved folk tales”

A mood visual for Valemon: The Polar Bear King by Daniel Cacouault at Maipo Film

Producer Cornelia Boysen is about to pitch director Mikkel B Sandemose's new project, a 2D animated family feature titled Valemon: The Polar Bear King, at Bordeaux’s Cartoon Movie (8-10 March 2022 – see the news). Sandemose, whose recent credits include hits such as The Ash Lad [+see also:
interview: Eili Harboe
film profile] diptych (2017-2019) and Ragnarok [+see also:
film profile] (2013), is working from a new script penned by one of Norway’s leading international authors, Maja Lunde.

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Based on one of Scandinavia’s most beloved folk tales, the film centres on a fearless, curious and adventurous girl, called Liv, who dreams of leaving her home in the woods. When the polar bear Valemon offers her family a way out of poverty if she comes with him, she agrees. A compassionate friendship starts to form between the two – a friendship that could well turn into something deeper. For Valemon is not only a bear, but a prince who was once cursed by a witch. Fearless as she is, and with her charming animal friends by her side, Liv sets out on a journey to confront the dangerous witch and save Prince Valemon. The picture promises to be “a story of love, greed and courage, packed with suspense, humour, great music and breathtaking scenery”.

Danish sales agent TrustNordisk has recently acquired the title. Commenting on the deal, the firm’s managing director, Susan Wendt, said: “We are very excited about this new project from Maipo Film, which I’m sure will take us all on a heart-warming and magical journey. With such a strong production team and incredibly creative people behind it, we have very high expectations.”

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Valemon: The Polar Bear King, the character designer on which is the USA's Peter de Sève (known for Mulan, the Ice Age series and Finding Nemo), is being produced by Cornelia Boysen for Maipo Film, in co-production with Viviane Vanfleteren for Belgium’s Vivi Film and Fabrice Delville for Belgium’s Belga Productions, with backing from the Norwegian Film Institute, the Nordisk Film & TV Fond and the European Union’s Creative Europe – MEDIA programme. Its local distribution has been entrusted to Nordisk Film Distribution, whilst its international sales are being handled by TrustNordisk. Budgeted at €8.2 million, it is slated for a local release on 25 December 2024.

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