Nel mio nome explores gender self-identification – Production / Funding – Italy


by Camillo De Marco

– Selected for the 2022 Berlinale’s Panorama line-up, Nicolò Bassetti’s documentary follows four friends who have transitioned from female to male

Director Nicolò Bassetti

Nic, Leo, Andrea and Raff are a very close-knit group of friends. They come from all over Italy but found one another and developed their friendship in Bologna. At different points in their lives, they have set about transitioning from female to male. Day after day, they courageously contend with the many difficulties thrown in their paths by an inflexibly binary world which hampers their need and their right to be who they are. A documentary by Italian director Nicolò Bassetti, Nel mio nome has been selected for the 2022 Berlinale’s Panorama Dokumente section.

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The film homes in on Leonardo Arpino, Raffaele Baldo, Andrea Ragno and Nicolò Sproccati. They’re four friends, each boasting their own lifesaving passions: Nic explores urban areas in transition, where he feels safe; Leo is working on a podcast about the relationship which exists between our teenage and mature identities; Andrea writes short stories; Raff is building a bike. But they’re united by one small but incredible dream: going on holiday together, even if only for a few days. It’s an idea which strengthens their bond and eventually becomes a reality for them.

A landscape painter and the author of the book on which Gianfranco Rosi’s Sacro GRA [+see also:
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film profile] was based, which won Venice’s Golden Lion in 2013, Nicolò Bassetti also signed his name to a documentary back in 2018, entitled Magnifiche sorti.

Nel mio nome is produced by Nuovi Paesaggi Urbani, with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission.

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(Translated from Italian)

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